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Shoes 100% MADE IN ITALY

When we opened our business we decided to point to quality. Italian Shoes are known all around the world to be the best shoes: 1st quality Italian leathers, exclusive Italian design, all handcrafted, 100% MADE IN ITALY.

Is not by chance that the most famous suits and shoes designers are Italians.

If the price is the only important variable we can say our shoes maybe are not for you. There are cheap Chinese or also called "made in USA" shoes you can find in thousands e-shops.

If you are searching for a shoe that is a jewel to your feet and dress you like a gloove maybe you are in the right place. We offer over 200 styles in stock and we can offer also these styles in tens colors and with different heels and accessories. Half sizes? Big or very small sizes? Not problem, we can do them for you!

An italian shoes culture, born hundres years ago, that is now available online so also American , Australian, Japanese and "whereever you are" customers could feel when they will have our shoes at their hands, pardon, feet.



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