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Simplicity Security
 Payment Security
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Secure Payment

Simplicity and Maximum Security
Secure uses the simplest and most secure method for online transactions: the customer’s credit card number is handled by Telepay Light of SSB (Servizi Interbancari). This is a standard payment methodwhich is easy (no plug-in is necessary, just insert the correct credit card data on the form provided by SSB, payable to Antonveneta Bank) and safe to use (SSL 128-bit criptography).

The customer utilizes the service by means of a personal computer connected to Internet and equipped with either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 4.0 or higher).

How Is the Transaction Handled?
Once the order has been made and the payment request option has been activated, the customer’s browser will automatically connect with SSB and display a page containing the following:
• request for the credit card number and expiration date;
• buttons to return to the shopping basket and to confirm payment.
The customer fills in the information blanks and confirms payment by sending the credit card data to SSB which processes the credit card authorization and billing, and provides the customer with a display regarding the outcome of the operation (the transaction is encrypted and therefore secure).

How Secure is This Form of Payment?
Telepay Light guarantees privacy between the customer and SSB using cryptography based upon the SSL standard using symmetrical keys at 128 bits.

What Role Does SSB Play?
SSB runs a security system infrastructure and acts as the gateway for authorizing circuits.

What Role Does Banca Antonveneta Play?
Banca Antonveneta is the intermediary between and the Telepay Light service; it handles the terms, conditions and operating methods for the Telepay Light service, as well as the conditions for credit card acceptance.


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