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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Custom requests

Q: Can you make the style X with the sole of the style Y, the back of the style Z and the color of style T?

A: Maybe. That means that not all part of shoes are mutually exchangeable. Please contact us with a precise description of the shoes you want and we will try to find a solution togheter.

Q: Can you manufacture the style X with my leg measurement? Can you make that shoe larger than usual?

A: No. That's because we had problems in past to manufacture full "On measure" shoes because customers had taken wrong measurement (or in a wrong way). Actually we can (for boots) make shafts a bit larger or a bit smaller than usual according to your calves measurement.

Q: I have 2 different sizes for the left and right foot, can you make a pair with 2 different sizes?

A: Yes, without problems.

Q: I would like a shoe in a color that is not shown on shoes you have online. Can you help me?

A: Yes, send us a picture of the color you would like and we will try to search something similar. We can't find the exact match mecause colors are infinite and is pretty impossible to find the exact color.

Q: Do you make wedding shoes?

A: Yes we do. Or better, we can take a style we have online, make some motification and make it in white.

Q: I like style X very much but would like to have it with a lower heel, is possible?

A: Look at the CUSTOM version of the shoe. If there is the possibility of a different heel you will find a drop down menu for that style with every heel possible. If you will not find anything that means is not possible to mount a different heel on that style.

Ordering and paying

Q: Have you a store somewhere?

A: Sorry, not. We are a web based company and we decided not open a real store to sell our exclusive products. You will find them NOWHERE. That means you can buy them only online.

Q: Can I pay by moneycheck? Can I pay via Postal payment? Can I pay with cash? Can I pay with a money order?

A: We accept many way of payment. The one above are excluded bacause we had problems to cash them in past. You can send cash but we don't suggest to to because is not secure (at your own risk).

Q: When I ordered with payment via Bank to Bank money transfer the shoes where in stock. Why not they have been backordered?

A: The payment takes few days to arrive. If you send the recepit of payment via fax we can reserve the shoes for you. If not, we can't hold them on.

Q: Is safe to pay via Internet?

A: This is a very common question. The answer is definetively yes. Is more secure to order via web than to pay at restourant with your credit card. Oviously the company must be a trusted company.

Q: I've tried to pay but the payment was not succesfull.

A: There could be many reasons:
1)The issuer of the card could not be contacted because internet problems
2)You have finished you monthly platfond
3)The card is not enabled to pay via Internet (call your bank).

We suggest to make a second try....and a 3rd using te backup gateway. If the payment is not cleared try contact your bank and us. We will try to solve the problem togheter.

Q: When I try to pay with my card I get a windows asking me a password.

A: This is know as "Verified by Visa" o "Securcode by Mastercard". They are way to be sure tha card used is not stolen. Usually Bank advise customers that they activated te system but often happens they say nothing. So if you have not idea what is the password please contact your bank service in order to have an exlanation. There is nothing we can do in that sense since the system is not managed by us.

Q: When my credit card is charged?

A: Your card is charged from 2 to 20 days after the order has made. We are sorry for that but credit card system can hold your data for a maximum of 21 days after that the payment could not be cleared.

Q: I've seen you have "free shipping" on orders that are of 2 shoes or more. I find that shipping fees are present on my order.

A: Are you sure to have choosen "registered mail" as shipmenet way and not "express"? Free shipment is offered only on registered mail shipping service.


Q: I've sent back the package for return but I have not listen to you from then.What happens?

A: You can follow it into the site tracking system you use for you 1st order. As soon as a package is received it is checked and is managed as "a new order".

Q: The package I've sent back for a refund/replacement has returned to me, why?

A: Did you follow the procedure you can find at the "right to return" page? The package could have been refused by the stockhouse for some reasons:

1)Without a valid RMA code on the package
2)With custom fees (maybe you forget the receipt INTO package)
3)The return has not been authorized

Q: I've seen that the refund amount is different form what payed.

A: The refund is less shipping fees. Please note that if you are in a country that need a currency exchange the rate exchange could be different from when the card has been charged.

Q: I want to return my custom shoes. I want to return the shoes I've bought some days ago with a special offer.

A: I'm sorry but that's not possible. SALE and custom shoes could not be refunded/exchanged for obvious reasons.

Q: The shoes received have a defect of production. What can I do?

A: Even if we check every single pair rarelly could happens that some shoes could have not noticeable defects since they are hand made. Not problem, contact us and we will take them back for replcing them. 100% guarantee.

Q: Last week I've ordered a pair of shoes but now I've changed my idea and would like a refund.

A: I'm sorry but we can't cancel an order after 24 hours you have made it.

Q: I ordered a size x. I received i smaller size.

A: If the shoe is market as size X, the size ir right. Probably you need a size over.

Q: I got the wrong shoes.

A: If we package a wrong pair of shoes we will exchange them without problems, since is our fault.


Q: What will appear on my credit card statement?

A: Depening from the payment gateway you use. Could be "Autore di Fortunato Schiavello" or "IH shoes". So your privacy is safe.

Q: What will be the look of the package? Who is the sender? Privacy is very important for me.

A: All apackages will come in a brown neutral browsn box. The sendere will be "fortunato schiavello" and there is not any strage passage written on the box. So nobody wil know there are sexy shoes in.

Q: Do you share my data with somone? I've I'll signup to mailing list I'll receive spam?

A: Absolutely NOT. Your privacy is the most important thing for us. If you signup to the mailing list You'll get at max 5-6 mails yearly.

Q: After the order I received an email asking for an identity document.

A: In some rare cases we need to be sure that who made the order is the owner of the card used. This apply to orders made from Exoctic countries or where the adress is a pobox or something else. Pleas enote tha email will come from and must be directed to that adress. Usually we ask to fax the copy of the identity card to our business fax number.


Q: On your page you say: 60 business days to manufacture the pair I would like. Can you take less time?

A: We usually try to serve very urgent orders with priority but this depend on production queue. We can try to do it but we can't guarantee it.

Q: I've made the order. I've received the confirmationemail. And now? When I'll receive the shoes?

A: Depening of your order.
In stock shoes are shipped in 24/48 hours.
Backordered shoes (* ner the size when you orderd them) are ready in about 21 business days.
Custom shoes are ready in about 60 business days.
If you order a mix of these kind of shoes we will apply the biggest time to send the full package.

Q: Seems my package has been lost since it has been shipped 2 weeks ago and not received yet.

A: If the package has been sent via registered mail this time could be normal for an outside European shipment. We ask you to 1st contact you nearest postal office with the tracking code you ahve. If they can give you no news please contct us. We will ask at our shipping company but this usually need some time. If, after 2-3 weeks, the package has not delivered (lost) we will resend a new one and you have not pay anything because you are guaranteed to receive your shoes at you hands by us.

Q: I was not at home (vacation) when you tried to deliver my shoes and now they returned back to you. What we can do now?

A: When a package return to us usually we contact the receiver in order to make a 2nd shipement after he has payed the 2nd shipement.

Q: Custom fees are included?

A: Not. We send items in a way that for about 95% of them they clear Custom without paying anything. If you are contacted by your country Customs you have to pay them. We can't calculate them before, that's the reason why they are not included. Some companies give "all included" but if you see the price of the items you'll see it is very hight so they cover every cost but what if the package would pass the custom for free? We prefer to turn this advantage to customers.


Q: I've seen some shoes that are very similar to yours but the price is 1/4 of your. Why?

A: We are sure you will find something similar..... but similar. We produce and sell directly our products (in Italy) and we know how much costs to produce an handmade shoes made with 1st quality materials. A shoes sold at 30-40 euros or less is an industrial shoe , made probably in China with low quality materials. Is you choice if you whant to wear a gloove or a paper box.

Q: I've sent you an email 2 days ago but I got not answer.

A: We try to asnwer to all emails in 24 hours but could happens that day we received more messages than we can manage so the answer are deferred to the day after. Please note we answer into business days and maybe here in italy could be a Holiday but in your country not. Sometimes complex question could take 3-4 days to get an answer because we have to turn the question to the laboratories. If you don't get an answer in 5-6 days please rewrite to us because there could be the possibility that your email has been catched ny the ANTI SPAM software or has been lost in Internet.

Q: Can I have a printed catalog? Do you have some gadgets?

A: We are sorry but we have not printed catalogs in order to cut off prices we can offer for our models. You can find all our models on site, new models are put on as soon as they are ready to be sold.

Q: Can you send me a sample for free?

A: I'm sorry but we don't send free samples.

Q: I have to order many shoes. Can you make a discount?

A: Please contact us with the list of shoes you need. Please note that "many shoes" for us are more than 7-8 pairs at once.

Q: I would like to contact you by phone but I can't see a phone number.

A: We are sorry but we prefer to use written messages (FAX emails) because there could be language misundrstanding (we are italian citizens) and the wirtten way is the more secure.



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